Last year’s barrel-aged scotch ale was a huge hit, so we did it again!

Once again, it’s smooth and warming (8.0% ABV), with all that lovely peat smoke malt and a hint of barrel funk.

Available now in 330ml bottles.

New places to find Shedshaker Brews

We are thrilled to have our beer on taps at some new venues! When you are in Footscray, drop into the Cheeky Pint and tell them you are delighted they have our Celtic Red on tap. Then have a pint. It would be rude not to.

When in Bendigo, swing into the Black Swan and enjoy a Holy Grail on tap and take a look at the awesome collection of Indian motorbikes. It’s great to see the Black Swan open again and we are looking forward to collaborating with them on some stuff in the future. Watch this space!

If in Ballarat (rug up), mosey on into The Mallow pub and say hi to Jase and enjoy our Bock Dark Lager. Jase is a massive supporter of independent breweries and always has a great selection of beers on tap.

And in August, our favourite purveyors of noise, local legends DEAD are playing at Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar and our beers will be flowing. More info to come about this gig, stay tuned to our socials for more details!

Ready for some beery good news?

We have been making some tough decisions recently regarding beer. It can be summed up like this:

The West Coast IPA – we absolutely loved the first brew of this and so did many of you, so should we do it again? YES. And shall we put it in cans? YES of course.

The American Brown Ale – we brewed this as a one-off for our Taproom’s 7th birthday and our 700th brew. Turns out, it has been one of our best sellers the last few months. So should we do it again? YES. The cooler months last till November here and we can’t risk not having this absolute banger of a Brown on tap.

Our lovely Black Espresso Lager. Honestly, we thought about giving this one a break but then the beer gods demanded we do no such thing. So a new brew is coming out of the tank next week. And into cans? YES it will be.

And our traditional Scotch Ale, that has been doing some serious barrel time in our storeroom, waiting for its moment to shine. That moment is drawing nearer and nearer… Next month we plan to move the barrels into the brewery, tip the beer into the tanks and get it ready to keg. Are we excited about this? YES we are.

Like we said, tough decisions…;)

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Quizzyoke and Tributes are back

During the Castlemaine Fringe Festival we hosted Quizzyoke, the mash up of karaoke and trivia you didn’t know you needed. We also unleashed the best local musos onto our stage to pay tribute to some of the best acts in the world.

These nights, as history shows, went off.

So much singing, dancing and good times. And that was just the bar staff. The rest of you were amazing as well!

So what else could we do but bring ’em back!

Join Gus and our own Crag as they don the sequins and bring joy to you via their Quizzyoke:

  • Saturday 8 July
  • Saturday 12 August
  • Saturday 9 September

Tickets for the August Quizzyoke are available now at

Bring the gang, settle in with a beer and a pizza and enjoy local legends taking on the best music live for you at our Tributes:

  • Friday 14 July – a tribute to Paul Kelly
  • Friday 11 August – a tribute to Fleetwood Mac
  • Friday 8 September – a tribute to the Rolling Stones

All Tribute nights are free! We do recommend booking a table as they get busy. Click or call us on 0487 860 060.

Have you munched on our Mexican menu?

Tuesday and Wednesday nights have taken on a Mexican feel in our Taproom with our Mexican-inspired menu. Tempting tacos – beef, bean and jackfruit – and nom nom nachos will satisfy your Mexican cravings. Covering all the bases from carnivore to vegan to gluten free, we have something for everyone. Book a table or just swing on it – Tuesdays and Wednesdays have gotten a whole lot yummier.

Our beloved pizzas return on Thursdays through Sunday and if you play your cards right, you can get yourself a Mexicala Pizza. Yes, it’s our taco toppings, with corn chips and hot sauce, on a pizza and it is magnificent. This special runs until we run out of taco toppings so we suggest getting in on a Thursday and not missing out!

December 2022

Whoa! We were nominated for Best Regional Music Venue (Established) in the Music Victoria Awards 2022! Congratulations to the Caravan Music Club in Archies Creek for taking out the category.


It’s our 5th birthday and our 500th brew…


So we decided to go all out, get our monkish robes on again (last year’s Belgian Dubbel was a huge hit) and brew a big, bold Tripel. A double mash produced a high gravity wort that just kept fermenting and finished up a whopping 10.4% ABV. Not a beer to be Trifled with.

TRIPELA complex beer with aromas and flavours reminiscent of fruit and light peppery spice. Soft malts and mildly spicy hops play a secondary role to the banana, orange, and pear esters. Seemingly sweet up front with pleasant alcohol warmth, it finishes quite dry with carbonation cleansing the palate.

We’re bottling 50 cases, the rest goes over the bar at the Taproom only. Available from Tuesday June 15 – don’t miss out!


Some new fermenters to brew more delicious beer


It’s about as exciting as it gets around here. A truck pulls up and shiny new fermenters make an appearance. Woot!




Ballarat’s popular beer festival returns to North Gardens by the lake for one day only, Feb 20. Buy tickets here.

We’ll be there with a few brews, notably our summer one-off – Crazy Daze Hazy Pale – as well as perennial favourites, Knucklehead Rye IPA and Espresso Black Lager.

Drop by and say hi.




Bandwagon, what bandwagon? We wanted to make a new summer seasonal, our new chef’s wife is Japanese, a local farmer is making dehydrated orange peel. Put all that together and we have a hazy pale made with yuzu juice and orange peel. Bring back those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.

4.1% ABV! Available only on tap at the Taproom. (All sold out, new brew available mid-Feb 2021).




Jacqueline and Doug timed it beautifully last year and spent two months in eastern Europe, sampling the best of that region’s lively craft beer circuit. But it was the fresher Belgian styles that really blew them away. We’re having trouble sourcing good, fresh Belgians here, so we decided to make our own. The test batch flew off the taps, so an upscale brew was scheduled.

Australia Post did their best to bugger it up, losing 10kg of candi syrup, but Craftbrewer of Capalaba QLD came to the rescue and the brew was completed.

The result is a cracking Trappist-style dark ale with all the sweet smokiness associated with that. Too much monky business!

Careful, it’s 7.3% ABV! Available from the Taproom, the Shedshaker online shop and selected bottle shops.



Some time ago we were approached by a new community enterprise, Rock and Ranges Brewing Co-operative, based in Macedon Ranges south of us.

We cooked up a recipe for a mid-strength, brewed it last month and it’s turned out to be a cracker. R&R Dark Mild is a tasty, truly sessionable English-style Dark Ale.

Driven by a base of chocolate malts and balanced with a blend of traditional East Kent hops that deliver a smooth bitter profile, full mouthfeel, great aroma and a creamy satisfying head.

And only 3.6% ABV!



We’ve taken the plunge – our Frailty Pale Ale and Hempathy Hemp Ale are now available in 375ml cans!

The good folk of East Coast Canning rolled in at sparrow fart on Monday, unloaded the beast, and filled two pallets of cans in just two hours. It was all hands to the pumps getting them into cartons and finding space in the coolroom, but it’s done and we have lots of these sexy beasts to satisfy the interminable requests for takeaways of these popular beers.

Find them at the Taproom, several outlets in Castlemaine, and the list of outlets in Melbourne is growing by the hour. If your local doesn’t have them yet, give them our number!



Last year our Easter beer was so popular it sold out in a few hours.

Well THAT’S not happening any time soon this year. We’ve scaled it up to a full brew, we have plenty in stock and it’s very, very good.

A base of Munich malt gives a bready backbone. The Bramling Cross hops that give the beer its name add blackcurrant notes to complement the sultanas used in the mash and the fruity esters from English yeast. Mixed spice provides traditional spiciness whilst lactose provides a hint of milk sweetness. Delish!

On tap now at the Taproom and selected other smart customers – we’ll post about them soon.


Not the actual vessel of mythical occult Christianity, silly. Our uber-popular Cloudy Ale.

Ever-responsive to the cries of the smitten, we decided to add a seventh style to our bottled range (making mixed six-packs a nightmare at the Taproom).

Footy season may be over for another year, but as the weather warms up, this smashable Aussie Ale will be the hit of your party. Ask for it by name.


Big, bold and beautiful, it’s a 7.3% ABV hit of caramel malts and smoked peaty goodness. Half went straight into barrel to wood-age (see you in a year) but the rest is on tap exclusively at the Tappy until all gone.

Sean says “get on doon, poossy”.


We did it! Ten kilos of Fantales unwrapped and in the beer. That’s a lot of questions for the next MainFM trivia night.

The beer is a porter style ale, bursting with chocolatey, caramel goodness. It will be ready to come out for Bendigo on the Hop, August 25.

You asked for it, now it’s here! The Night Porter now available in bottle.

Ask for it at your local – if they look at you blankly, simply grin and say “Call Shedshaker”.